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Though the Hymn Masters have retired, you can still listen and download their music online!

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Revolution -  The Story of the Early Church
by Gene Edwards
Blueprints for the House of Prayer for All Nations
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Restoration of the Tabernacle
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The Time Periods of the Bible
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The Dual of Fates

The Sweetness of His Presence



Art for Meditative Worship
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     The Proclamation of God's Throne
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Songs of


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The Aaronic Blessing
(Numbers 6:24-26)

I'll See You In Heaven
(For Cassie and Rachel)

Spirit of Wisdom
(Ephesians 1:16-19)

Revival Fires
(A Song of Revival)

The Lord is My Shepherd
(Psalms 23)

O God You Are My God
(Psalms 63)

Come and See
(Psalms 34:8)

Let Us See Your Glory
(Exodus 33:18)


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We have writings of all different kinds: end-times, Jewish roots, the feasts of the Lord, the Tabernacle of Moses, a study on the Holy Spirit, studies on Revelation, prophetic poetry, intercessory worship, revival, hunger, passion, good Gospel singing, songs of the Spirit, and the Christian life just to name a few. We hope these collective works will bring glory to His Majesty, Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Messiah. our soon coming Bridegroom, King, and Judge!

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Featured Biblical Study Courses
Each of these links is an in-depth study of each of these topic areas.

   Levitical Offerings   Feasts Of Israel
   One New Man   Tabernacle Of Moses
   Symbols Of Daniel   Bible Prophecy Study
   Passover Study   Seminar on Prophetic Worship
   The Doctrine of the Trinity  

                   Study Guides, Charts, and Handouts
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  Israel, America, and the End Times
      Table of Contents

      Chapter 1-The Restoration of All Things
      Chapter 2-Calamity upon Calamity, Rumor ...
      Chapter 3-The Land is Vomiting Upon Us
      Chapter 4-Israel, The Blessing or Curse
      Chapter 5-Israel, America's Cup of Trembling
      Chapter 6- Nazi Germany and America's Future
      Chapter 7-The Fishers of the Last Days
      Chapter 8-The Hunters of the Last Days
      Chapter 9-The Days of Awe
      Chapter 10-Esther, Purim, the Jews and the Church
      Chapter 11-The New Millennium
      Chapter 12-The Church of the Final Exodus
      Chapter 13-The Coming Storm
      Chapter 14-The Last Passover and the Last Days
      Chapter 15-The Shofar and the Rapture
      Chapter 16-The 17th Day of Tammuz
      Chapter 17-The 9th Day of Av (Tishah B'AV)
      Chapter 18-The Revenger of Blood
      Chapter 19-The Second Hanukkah
      Chapter 20-Ezekiel's Voice of Warning to America
      Israel, Then The Church
      Appendix One-10 Events Since Madrid '91
      Appendix Two-5 Events Since Presidency, '01
 The Feasts of the LORD Study Course
      Table of Contents

      Lesson 1-God's Prophetic Time Clock
      Lesson 2-The Spring Feasts
      Lesson 3-The Fall Feasts
      Lesson 4-The Feast of Passover
      Lesson 5-The Feast of Unleavened Bread
      Lesson 6-The Feast of Firstfruits
      Lesson 7-The Feast of Pentecost
      Lesson 8-The Fast of the 5th Month
      Lesson 9-The Feast of Trumpets
      Lesson 10-The Day of Atonement 
      Lesson 11-The Feast of Tabernacles
      Lesson 12-The Feast of Dedication
      Lesson 13-The Feast of Purim
      Chart 1-The Readings of the Feasts
      Chart 2-The Jewish Calendar
      Chart 3-Passover and the Lord's Supper
      Chart 4-Old and New Testament Pentecost
      Chart 5-Pentecost Overview
      Chart 6-The Trees of Tabernacle
      Chart 7-Summary Chart
      Purim Supplement
      Hanukkah Supplement 1
      Hanukkah Supplement 2
  Israel, the One New Man, Messianic interest
      Looking at the "First Day" of the Week
      Hanukkah Timeline
      Israel and the Land
      The Israel Conflict
      Messiah in the Feasts of the LORD
      Pilates Inscription

      Passover Notes
      Prayers for Israel
      The Passion Week
   End Times Study Charts
      Key Concepts
Prophecy Notes
Daniel's End Times People
The Feasts of the Lord
General Timing of the Rapture
Isaiah's Apocalypse
Views from Revelation

      Jesus' Prophetic View-1
Jesus' Prophetic View-2
Jesus' Prophetic View-3
Jesus' Prophetic View-4

      Jesus' Prophetic View-5
John's Revelation of the End Time Saints-1
John's Revelation of the End Time Saints-2
An Approach to looking at the End Times

      The Time Periods of the Bible
  Intercessory Worship/Tabernacle of David
      Overview of Intercessory Worship
      New Testament Apostolic Prayers
      Worships Hymns of Revelation
the LORD Sings Over You

      The Restoration of the Tabernacle
      The Proclamation of God's Throne
      Establishing 24/7 Prayer

      Handout on IW
   a Study on Daniel's End Times Vision
     Chapter 3
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10-12
Daniels Timeline

  Prophetic Worship Seminar
      Unit One
Unit One Handout
Unit One Answers
Unit Two
Unit Two Handout
Unit Two Answers
   a Study on Discipleship
      Disciple Word Study
      The Framework of Obedience
The Fast God Chooses

      The Mary Miracle
      The Process of Transformation

  The Attributes of God
      The Moral Attributes
      The Natural Attributes
      The Covenantal Names of God
      Overview of the Attributes of God

  a Study on Genesis
      Study on Genesis
Timeline: the Genealogies of the Bible
      The Generations of Genesis
  a Study on the Tabernacle of Moses  
  a Study on the Bride of Christ (ongoing)   a Study on Revelation (ongoing)
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